Welcome to Leipzig

Opera Leipzig: A little something for everybody

This episode brings us back to Leipzig’s Augustusplatz, but this time we are spending a night at the opera. And there’s a lot happening in this beautiful 1960s building: Paula and Lukas steer their way through stage constructions, dance practices, singing rehearsals and meet some interesting people along the way.

Bach-Museum: Celebrating diligence

A white wig and a stern look in his eyes: That’s how we know one of Germany’s most brilliant composers, organists and choirmasters Johann Sebastian Bach. One of only two portraits of him can be found at the Bose-house right next to St. Thomas Church in the city center of Leipzig. This place, which Bach himself once frequented, was built into a museum that Lukas and Paula will explore with you today. Discover fascinating historical instruments, learn more about Bach’s life and find out what hidden message lies behind Bach’s famous portrait.

Mendelssohn-Haus: The caring conductor

Behind a rather inconspicuous house front in the center of Leipzig lies one of the city’s most historically relevant places: The last residence of musician and composer Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. Today it’s a museum where authenticity and progressiveness go hand in hand to keep the spirit of the Mendelssohn family alive. Join Paula and Lukas on a tour through this prestigious place!

Gewandhaus zu Leipzig: True pleasure is a serious matter

Leipzig is a city of music! Hosts Lukas and Paula visit the great Gewandhaus zu Leipzig to find out more about the musical history of the city. They meet with musician Dorothea Hemken and the director for the Gewandhaus, Andreas Schulz, to talk about their work and inspiration.