What comes after the War? Mit Alim Aliev

Although Ukraine is one of the largest countries in the centre of Europe, the country has been in the shadow of international attention for over 30 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Russian invasion has changed that. The Ukraine Institute tries to bring Ukrainian culture and history closer to foreign countries.

Our guest today, Alim Aliev, is Deputy Director of the Ukraine Institute. In this episode of die Kulturmittler, he tells us about the strategies Russia is using to try to bind Crimea closer to itself and what this means for the Crimean Tatars. He himself belongs to the Crimean Tatar minority and does research on this ethnic group.

We also learn how the Ukraine Institute works against Russian propaganda and how it tries to preserve and spread Ukrainian culture and history.

You can find all previous Kulturmittler episodes, including the one on Ukraine, at https://www.ifa.de/digitale-formate/podcast/. If you like to learn more about the Ukraine Institute you can visit their website: https://ui.org.ua/en/

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Datum: 31.03.2023 06:00 | Dauer: 31:17