For this episode of „Die Erde spricht / The Earth is Speaking“, Aras Özgün and Andreas Treske have created the audio artwork „YAĞ“. This sound piece takes as its point of departure a material constitutive of Beuys’s artistic practice: fat. In reflecting on what cultural and aesthetic connotations this material brings with it, they not only create a dense, haunting sound collage. They also open up an exploratory, critical space of association in which fat as an archetypal plastic material comes together with Beuys’s idea of social sculpture.

Aras Özgün is a media artist and lecturer at the Institute of Film and Digital Media at Izmir University and the New School for Public Engagement in New York. Andreas Treske is a writer, filmmaker and lecturer at the Department of Communication and Design at Bilkent University in Ankara.

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Datum: 30.06.2021 09:00 | Dauer: 25:29