Joseph Beuys. The time of art is the time of revolution, even today

From his first stay in Naples, Beuys felt a deep sense of connection to the city and its people. „I really feel at home here,“ he enthused on the occasion of his first exhibition in Naples in 1971.

In this episode of „Die Erde spricht / The Earth is Speaking“, the Neapolitan art historian and curator Francesca Blandino talks to personalities from the Neapolitan art and cultural scene who had the opportunity to experience Beuys for themselves in Naples. For example, with Guiseppe Morra, the founder of the Fondazione Morra. Or with the Neapolitan filmmaker Mario Franco. But Francesca Blandino also interviews contemporary Neapolitan artists Raffaela Naldi Rossano and Antonio della Corte about the influence Joseph Beuys has had on them. An investigation into the connection between Joseph Beuys and Naples.

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