7,000 Pyramids of Beuys

One way of engaging with the ideas of Joseph Beuys is to be – or to become – him for a moment, to step into his shoes or walk around in his mind, to mimic his ritualized movements or to retrace his drawings or journeys.

In episode three of “Die Erde spricht” / “The Earth is Speaking”, ORTA, a collective of artists based in the Kazakh capital Almaty, look for access to Beuys through his eyes and his myths. Not through his words, not through his works but through the suffering he exudes and the pain he appears to transform. The group of visual artists, actors, thinkers and researchers interested in higher realms and things of universal scope, take a poetic approach to Joseph Beuys’ ideas and aspirations.

During a special session called “Fragile Orchestra” you will hear the members of ORTA talk, sing and play different and sometimes newly invented instruments. They thereby create a fragile musical concert that spontaneously emerges from the theme they are reflecting on – in this case: Beuys and his legacy.

For all information on the anniversary programme „beuys 2021. 100 years of joseph beuys“ visit: https://beuys2021.de/

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Datum: 26.05.2021 01:00 | Dauer: 24:07